9402 – Guided Wave Radar II (GWRII)

The 9402 series is a range of highly advanced Guided Wave Radar Sensors, which includes the GWR II for continuously measuring the liquid contents of a tank. The GWR II technology uniquely provides high resolution measurements from an industrial sensor without moving parts and remains unphased by variations in liquid properties.

Importantly, in an advancing world with new liquid fuel technologies, this forward-thinking sensor accurately measures a large range of fuels in standard form without recalibration. Where engines are designed to run on multiple fuel types, such as Diesel / Bio Diesel / HVO, you can rely on the GWR II to support your application with an accurate liquid level whatever is in your tank.

The robust, low-profile design makes the GWR II ideal for a wide range of applications where reliability is paramount.

Technical Data

Technical Data

GWR2 Technical Datasheet

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