Tanks / Fuel



The T/LL200 provides Hydrostatic level measurement in tank depths up to 3.4m. Mainly for use in static bulk storage tanks where no swing arm type sender is practical due to baffles.

The G/LL148 closed hydrostatic gauge designed for static storage tanks of fuel and water. The indicator can be remote from the tank with a maximum depth of 4 meters.

For static fuel oil tanks used largely in heating or cooking applications, it is essential to know that during refilling it will not be possible to overfill with oil and therefore contaminate the environment. Our OP/01 overfill prevention device will, when used with suitable shut off delivery systems, provide that protection.



Both the T/LL130 & T/LL171 provide high levels of accuracy for fuel monitoring applications on trucks or standby generators. With various outputs available to include digital, the sensors can be custom made to length and detect through telemetry, very small usage patterns either for fuel consumption analysis or for theft detection.

The T/LL171 has been further enhanced to operate accurately at elevated temperatures in environments such as tropical or desert climates or enclosed engine bays for example.

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