Power Generation

Generator Sets

Generator sets

Many of the sensors, switches and gauges in the Rochester Sensors range have applications within the generator set environment:-

Our T/LL70 vertically mounted float switch has been an industry stalwart providing switching for fuel pump on /off control and high /low level alarms when fuel is transferred from bulk to day storage tanks.

The S28x capacitance liquid level switches for coolants, fuels and oils.  Our most popular variants of the S28x range are used as a low coolant warning device protecting engines and machines built by many leading OEMs around the world.

The G/LL63 and G/LL65 are mechanical gauges providing operators with an indication of fuel level without the need for electrical power. When powered, the G/LL65 variant features electrical outputs providing a signal to a remote display or controller. Both gauges are widely used for base tank contents display.

To complement our range of liquid level sensors our temperature sensors and switches can be fitted to engines and cooling packs to provide engine high /low temperature cut outs and warnings.