Specialist vehicles

Coach and bus

Coach and Bus

The S85 & S86 series of capacitance switches are used extensively throughout the commercial vehicle sector for both low coolant warning and low oil level alarms. Comprehensive level monitoring is achieved through the L70 maintenance check system which is used to monitor coolant level prior to a vehicle entering daily service.

The T/LL130 has become an industry standard for the bus industry to measure fuel tank contents remotely. Tank depths between 200 & 2000mm can be accommodated in single or batch quantities.

Rochester Sensors has also developed a combined level and temperature device for AdBlue measurement.

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Commercial and Utility vehicles

Commercial and utility vehicles

From road sweepers to RCVs Rochester Sensors can supply instrumentation for liquid level, temperature or pressure measurement and indication see T/LL130, S100, S85/6 for more information. Our T/LL37x range with combined feed and return options is well suited to commercial vehicle fuel tank monitoring.

As with our coach and bus products above,  we can offer an AdBlue level sender with an optional fuel heating facility.

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Motor sports


Derivatives of the T/LL/140 & T/LL130 fuel sensor have been specifically designed with the needs of the motorsport industry in mind with respect to performance in specific fuel types. The products are available in many different mechanical interfaces and signal outputs.

For engine based measurement and for air intake and other ancillary pneumatic applications like braking, the S100 temperature and PTF series pressure sensors are used throughout the industry.

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