Capacitance liquid level sensor – T/LL17x

The T/LL17x series is a range of highly advanced sensors designed to continuously measure the height of the liquid, typically fuel or coolant level in a tank and provides either a 4-20 mA or 1-5 VDC output.
Although the sensor is not a loop powered device, it is suitable for use in difficult and hostile environments. The sensor has a very small footprint with its advanced electronics being housed in the hexagon header.
Unusually for solid-state liquid level sensors, the T/LL17x series can be used in very shallow tanks without detriment to its accuracy.
The T/LL17x has an integral Packard Metri-pak 150 series connector but can also be supplied with a flying lead and a suitable connector of your choice.


T/LL171 and T/LL174 are vertically mounted sensors designed for use in fuels and water based liquids such as engine coolant. Occupying a tiny footprint, the sensors are available in lengths between 90 and 500 mm long. Offering good levels of accuracy at elevated temperatures, the T/LL17x series has an integral Packard Metripak 150 style connector. The T/LL171 provides a current output whereas the T/LL174 provides a voltage output.

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Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet

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