Fuel Level Sensor with Integrated Feed & Return – FR37x

Our FR37x range of Fuel Level Sensors are equipped with fuel feed and return pipes, removing the need for additional fuel extraction and filling connections and simplifying the fuel tank assembly and installation.

Rochester Sensors’s capacitance technology means no moving parts and, as a result; improved accuracy and reliability compared to mechanical alternatives.

This range has a modular design enabling a great deal of flexibility to provide customers with options to suit specific applications. In addition to the sensor probe length, fuel system designers can specify:

  • Resistive output range
  • Level alarm height
  • 5 or 6 hole SAE mounting
  • Feed and return tube lengths and designs
  • Inlet and outlet connector types & sizes
  • Breather type
  • Suction pipe filter
  • Electrical connection type
Technical data

Technical data

FR37x Datasheet

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet

FR37x Specification Sheet Rev4

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