FR500 – Auto Compensating Continuous Level Fuel Sensor

FR500 – Auto Compensating Continuous Level Fuel Sensor

Introducing our new addition to our fuel sensors range the FR500! 

March 01, 2024 (Warwick, UK). Rochester Sensors FR500 offers a convenient auto compensating level measurement for Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Kerosene and Petrol. Offered in customised lengths from 303mm to 613mm, this device features IP67 ingress protection. its bayonet type fitment is designed to fit a Ø50.5mm tank fitting with O ring. the quick connect feed and return fittings are SAE J2044 compliant.

The twin probe design auto compensates the signal output when different fuels are used from the one which the sensor was originally calibrated in, as long as it lies in the list of permissible fuels.


The FR500 operates from 9-32 VDC power supply and provides an industry standard 0.5 VDC to 5.0 VDC signal output. Lowest output corresponds to empty while highest output corresponds to full.

The unit complies to an established Automotive Industry  Standard (AIS 004), has a resolution of 10 mV and reports an accuracy of ±2.0% for sensor lengths greater than >300mm when monitoring Diesel fuel. the operating temperature range is from -40°C to +65°C.

Other features include compensation for ambient temperature, easy system integration via a common Tyco AMP mating connector (282088-1) and optional filter mesh size of 240 x 150 microns.

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Rochester Sensors is a manufacturer of gauges and sensors for liquid levels of various mission critical liquids & fuel. These include propane, gasoline, diesel, coolant, high temp (HT) oil and refrigerants for many different applications, such as residential and commercial propane tanks, automated propane tank monitoring, forklifts, RV’s, lawn and garden equipment. These sensors are also found on large agriculture tractors, construction equipment, marine engines, personal aircraft, compressors and coolant level for next generation electric vehicles.

Rochester has manufacturing facilities in, Texas; Mexico; Belgium; Ireland; UK; and sales office in China. Rochester was acquired by Renovo Capital in 2018.

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