If I’ve done my job correctly, you will already have heard that we have changed our business name from Fozmula Limited to Rochester Sensors UK Limited. If this news has come as a surprise, then please accept my apologies. If you’re interested in reading more about our brand story, including the meaning behind our new logo, visit our name change statement here.

For your records and admin purposes, the only changes are to our business name, logo, email addresses and our website domain. Our postal address remains the same, as does our company registration number, bank account numbers, EORI numbers, DUNS number, and Tax / VAT IDs.

In October 2019, Fozmula was acquired by Dallas based Rochester Gauges, LLC, joining a group of liquid level sensor, switch and gauge manufacturers with the joint goal of providing OEM design engineers with a range of innovative technologies that will solve their liquid level monitoring challenges. This group, is now called Rochester Sensors and our comprehensive product range includes liquid level sensors, switches and gauges for use with fuels, oils, coolants and liquified gases to industries including:

  • Power generation
  • Electrification
  • Construction equipment
  • Materials handling machines
  • Commercial and passenger service vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Marine
  • Motorsport and specialist vehicles
  • Rail
  • Engines
  • Aerospace and defence vehicles
  • Oil and gas
  • Process and industrial equipment
  • Liquid storage and distribution

We now have an even broader range of liquid level monitoring products enabling us to help customers by providing elegant solutions to often complex liquid level challenges. Example applications include:

  • Fuel, oil and coolant level monitoring in generator sets and engines.
  • Diesel, coolant and hydraulic oil level gauging in off-highway vehicles.
  • Low-conductivity coolant in EV battery thermal management systems.
  • e-transmission, e-axle and compressor oil levels for Electric Vehicles.

In addition to our facility in Warwick, UK, Rochester Sensors has manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Brussels, Belgium, and a sales office in Shanghai, China.

We’d be delighted to let you have more details about these exciting developments, our products or to discuss your application. Please contact us either on our familiar phone number +44(0)1926 466700 or using our new email address

John Petersen
Sales and Marketing Manager – EMEA
Rochester Sensors UK Limited

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