Capacitive Cut-To-Length Fuel Level Sender

Capacitive Cut-To-Length Fuel Level Sender

July 9, 2023 – The new cost-effective TLL155 liquid level sensor employs innovative capacitive technology for monitoring three non-conductive fuels – diesel, petrol and kerosene. The TLL155 is available with a variable resistive, voltage or current output suitable for driving industry standard fuel gauges or connecting to PLCs. The 316 SS probe is supplied in standard lengths of 500mm or 1000mm. For custom applications, technicians can cut the probe to length and magnetically calibrate it.

End users will appreciate the reliability of the solid-state design as there are no mechanical linkages that can fail. Less maintenance of these devices translates into lower cost of ownership and fewer downtimes. The continuous output offers excellent resolution while avoiding “dead spots” that might happen with reed switches. Installation becomes a breeze as specific empty and full levels can be calibrated within the allowable measurement range of the probe. Of equal importance is the inherent design of the TLL155 that provides significant protection against turbulence.

The sensor uses conventional 9-36 VDC power while offering 80 VDC over protection. Wetted materials are Nylon 66, Aluminum Alloy 6063, NBR and FKM. IP67 Ingress protection is provided for both the sensor housing and the integral 4 way Tyco Superseal connector. Operating in a wide temperature range (-20°C to +85°C), the TLL155 is rated at 1 BAR Max pressure and will survive a drop test of 1M to a concrete surface. A switch to ground alarm output is available as well as a mating Tyco 4-Way AMP 1.5 Superseal connector. For installation professionals, a cut to length kit is available. The kit contains a nylon end cap, space and calibration magnet.

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