9402 – Guided Wave Radar (GWR II)

9402 – Guided Wave Radar (GWR II)

Rochester Sensors Introduces the Guided Wave Radar II (GWR II)

February 5, 2024 (Warwickshire) – Rochester Sensors UK, a leading manufacturer of liquid level sensors, has launched a new liquid level sensor, the 9402 Series Guided Wave Radar II (GWR II). The device offers several technological advantages listed below.

The GWR II sensor uses advanced digital technology, making it more accurate and less prone to interference than reed switch probes. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs. Its high accuracy measurements can be obtained even in tanks of different configurations, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

The sensor is also configurable and can be customized for specific applications, with options such as probe length and electrical outputs. Designed for stationary applications, the GWR II is perfect for remote fuel monitoring, as it can be easily installed in remote backup generators with tanks that have pre-existing small access ports.

The low-profile head design of the GWR II sensor extends less than 1″ above the tank and offers a side cable exit, which eliminates concerns of vertical clearance in industrial settings. The sensor also operates effortlessly in constrained mechanical environments, foam baffle-filled tanks, and is compatible with multiple fluid types. Standard factory calibration provides a resolution of less than 2mm and measurement accuracy of +/- 3% full scale.

The GWR II is powered by 9-32 Vdc and offers a voltage or current output. Probe length is configurable up to 3 meters with standard flying leads cable length at 610 mm. Mounting is via 5-bolt SAE or 1 inch NPT thread (adapter flange). For additional mounting options customers are to contact the factory. Operating and storage temperatures range from -40°C to +85◦C with sealing protection rated at IP6K9K. The unit will operate as specified up to a maximum tank pressure of 15 PSI.

This sensor provides excellent performance in static applications (non-mobile). It is suitable for a range of markets, including industrial process control, generator applications, EV stations, and stationary storage installations. Rochester Sensors anticipates the release of a mobile version later this year.

To learn more about the GWR II visit our website at https://rochestersensors.co.uk or email our application specialists at salesEMEA@rochestersensors.com

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Rochester Sensors is a manufacturer of gauges and sensors for liquid levels of various mission critical liquids & fuel. These include propane, gasoline, diesel, coolant, high temp (HT) oil and refrigerants for many different applications, such as residential and commercial propane tanks, automated propane tank monitoring, forklifts, RV’s, lawn and garden equipment. These sensors are also found on large agriculture tractors, construction equipment, marine engines, personal aircraft, compressors and coolant level for next generation electric vehicles.

Rochester has manufacturing facilities in, Texas; Mexico; Belgium; Ireland; UK; and sales office in China. Rochester was acquired by Renovo Capital in 2018.

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