New Contents Gauge Offers Three Solutions in One

GLL65 spiral contents gauge

New Contents Gauge Offers Three Solutions in One

The latest addition to the popular G/LL6x range of contents gauges, the G/LL65, enables customers to see the liquid level at the tank as well as providing both a continuous level signal and a low level alarm trigger for a controller or remote gauge.

This new gauge has the robust build of the existing models and uses the same design of magnetic coupling, between the float driven spiral and the gauge pointer, that has proved so successful at preventing leaks and eliminating any chance of liquid from the tank entering the gauge capsule.

The provision of the two electrical outputs make the G/LL65 ideal for applications such as monitoring fuel level in tanks on generator sets and off-highway vehicles. This gauge enables the liquid level to be monitored with and without power – saving time during filling and reducing the likelihood of costly fuel spillages. When the system is running an operator can monitor the fuel level at the controller or vehicle display and the gauge’s built in level switch can be used to trigger an alarm if the fuel runs low.

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